E-visa set to be operational in January 2018 (Benin)

By Staff | Agence EcoFin September 20, 2017

Starting from January 1, 2018, foreigners interested in visiting the Republic of Benin will be able to get their visa online. This, through a platform via which they will be able to make related payment or pay at the borders.

This was disclosed by Benin’s minister of foreign affairs, Aurelien Agbenonci (photo), last week as he was opening the diplomatic year.

This e-visa project, it must be highlighted, falls in line with the government’s objective to make diplomacy in the country a major tool to facilitate resources needed to foster economic growth, as stated under the government’s “Benin Revealed” action plan.

In its 2016 report on visa openness, African Development Bank (AfDB) denounced numerous difficulties while securing visa in Africa, including administrative issues. The institution in fact said it hampered the circulation of goods and people and has “significant impacts” on regional economies.

Benin is the 14th nation in Africa to adopt e-visa to facilitate travel procedures for visitors. This is as like those other countries, it wishes to attract more investments.

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