Coca-Cola plans to invest $600 million in Nigeria over the next few years

By Onome Ohwovoriole | Nairametrics September 28, 2017

Beverage company Coca-Cola has unveiled plans to invest $600 million in Nigeria, over the next few years. Peter Njonjo. President West Africa operations revealed this in a chat with journalists. The company also plans to increase the proportion of raw materials sourced from the country to 75% by 2020. The investments are part of a larger strategy, by the Coca-Cola company to invest $20 billion in Africa, as well as expand its product range beyond soft drinks.

Where will the Money Go?

The company will introduce new products such as flavoured and condensed milk, iced tea and bottled water. Coca Cola also plans to take full control of Chi Limited in the next 3 years. Coca-Cola bought a 40% stake in the company for $240 million last year.

Why the Move?

The company is investing in other products, in order to expand its consumer base. As people become more health conscious globally, there has been a drop in the consumption of carbonated drinks. Some countries have also tinkered with the idea of imposing a tax on them to reduce their consumption.

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