Diesel and kerosene prices down as petrol climbs (Tanzania)

By Staff | The Citizen, Tanzania January 9, 2017

Diesel and kerosene prices have fallen by Sh66 and Sh37 a litre respectively.

But the petrol price rose slightly — by Sh0.10 a litre — yesterday, the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura) announced.

Wholesale prices of diesel and kerosene have respectively decreased by Sh66 and 37 a litre.

“These changes have been caused by changes of prices of petroleum products in the world market,” reads an Ewura statement.

According to the statement, there will be no price changes in Tanga Region due to the fact that no new consignment of oil was received there port last month.

“In line with the prevailing sector legislation [Petroleum Act 2015, section 166], prices of petroleum products are governed by the law of supply and demand. Ewura shall continue to encourage competition in the sector by making available pricing information.”

The Petroleum Act, Cap 392 and the Ewura Act Cap 414 mandate the authority to regulate the downstream petroleum sub-sector in Tanzanian mainland.

The role includes regulation of importation, unloading, transportation, storage, transforming, and selling of petroleum products in the country. Under the laws Ewura is mandated to undertake technical, economic and safety regulatory functions in the downstream petroleum supply chain.

The regulator has also reminded retailers to announce the new prices and to issue receipts with respect to all sales they make and consumers have to demand and keep receipts.

“This can be used as part of exhibit in case of complaints lodged in the event that the selling process is above the cap prices or in case the products sold do not meet the approved specifications.”

The announced retail prices of petrol and diesel for upcountry regions were higher than in Dar es Salaam’s due to distances.

For instance, while in the city litres of petrol and diesel are sold at Sh1,890 and Sh1,732 respectively, in Njombe they are sold at Sh1,982 and Sh1,824 respectively.

The cap prices for petrol and diesel in Bukoba are Sh2,105 and Sh1,947, Misenyi (Sh2,113 and 1.955), Babati (Sh2,012 and 1,854), Hanang (Sh2,022 and 1,865), Kiteto (Sh2,023 and 1,865), Simanjiro (Sh2,044 and 1,886), Musoma (Sh2,068 and 1,910), Rorya (Sh2,077 and 1,919), Bunda (Sh2,059 and 1,901) and Kahama (Sh2,032 and 1,874).

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