Drugs firm Dawa Limited to spend $30 million on Nairobi plant expansion (Kenya)

By James Kariuki | Business Daily, Kenya September 25, 2017

Human and animal drugs maker, Dawa Limited, is set to spend Sh3 billion on construction of a new factory and installation of machinery at its Nairobi plant.

The firm’s managing director, Dr Ajay Patel, says the expansion will enable the manufacturer to serve 10 markets in East and West Africa.

Mr Patel says shareholders are in talks with their financial advisors on the prospect of listing at the bourse to raise funds for further growth.

“Last year we achieved a Sh2 billion turnover up from 2015’s Sh1.8 billion which informs our strategy for expansion. We also plan to enter the Tanzania market via a distribution network that we have now established,” said Mr Kumar.

Dawa Limited has received Superbrands certification in the drugs category.

Superbrands project director Mr Jawad Jaffer during presentation of the certification last week said customers across Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi and Ivory Coast as well as in other Central and Western Africans countries were well-versed with Dawa’s products which they relied upon to treat various ailments.

Dr Patel added that the new factory will also enable them launch new lines of drugs that ease pain and suffering among diabetic, hypertensive and Cardio-vascular patients among other lifestyle ailments.

The Patel family has been at the helm of the drugs’ firm since 2004 when it had 20 employees to the current 400 employees.

To secure the firm’s drugs against counterfeits, the manufacturer has employed surveillance teams across the markets as well as inscribed their logo on the drugs and their containers.

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