Guinean government intends to secure more State domains

By Staff | Agence EcoFin September 20, 2017

“The goal of the government and the President of the Republic, is to provide decent living standards for all Guineans. And this can be done only by primarily identifying and securing State domains. During our various tours, we noticed that State domains are used illegally by the populations with the complicity of various officials in charge within our department and also that of Territorial Administration. This is why I took the opportunity of this meeting to ask the various heads of our decentralized services to insure that State domains are identified and secured. Once they are back in their respective prefectures, they must inform us of the exact situation of State domains and make sure these are secured. For our part, a week later, we will send missions to proceed to final control and effective securing of the concerned properties,” said the minister, Guinée News reported.

The work session, it must be noted, followed recent field visits conducted by the minister in the Dubréka and Coyah prefectures.

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