Halotel Tanzania now targets to connect over 100 villages

By Staff | The Citizen, Tanzania September 22, 2017

Halotel targets to cover more than 100 villages situated near the country’s borders with communication network after signing an agreement with the Universal Communication Services Access Fund (UCSAF).

That agreement will see Halotel Tanzania, in partnership with the UCSAF, install 47 new towers throughout the country to connect rural areas with communication network, the company said on Thursday, September 21.

Speaking during the launch of one of the newly constructed towers in Gairo Municipality, Morogoro Region, Halotel Tanzania Engineering and Technical Deputy Director Trieu Thanh Binh said the company was committed to honouring the agreement entered with the government to ensure the goal to connect rural areas with communication services was attained.

“We agreed to focus on villages near the country’s borders and to those, which are not easily accessible. To the areas that have not been reached with our services, we would like to assure that they will be covered on time to go with the current government’s pace in implementing its priorities,” said Mr Binh.

“It is our goal to extend the best communication services to identified areas. We plan to cover the whole country and accomplish UCSAF’s mission as agreed. This will add our investment value to $1.6 billion,” he added.

The launch was officiated by the Minister of Works, Transport and Communications, Prof Makame Mbarawa, who asked the company to ensure it completed the project on time.

He said the government was regulating and offering a conducive environment to all service providers to partner with UCSAF.

“The government would like to guarantee quality, equal and speedy communication services to all Tanzanians and we expect citizens will utilise the services and protect the infrastructure,” he said.

Prof Mbarawa added that to accomplish the goal of making Tanzania an industrial nation, communication infrastructure was of great significance especially in areas rich in natural resources.

For his part, UCSAF Director Peter Ulanga said the Fund had a goal to ensure all areas in the country were accessed communication services. He noted that UCSAF would continue working with all telecom companies to achieve that goal collectively.

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