Lawmakers recommend fresh audit of energy utility corporation Rwanda

By Antony Kiganda | Construction Review Online October 2, 2017

A fresh audit into the Energy Utility Corporation in Rwanda has been recommended by the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee. The audit is to determine the problems the institution inherited from operating under the now defunct Energy Water and Sanitation Authority (EWSA).

Mr. Jean Bosco Mugiraneza is the Former chief executive of Rwanda Energy Group. He blames the company’s problems from splitting water and energy utility companies. According to him, determining what issues existed before and those that came after the split is important. This is in order to deal with EUCL’S recurring problems.

He also addressed the issue of debt cited by the Auditor-General. He says that some of them date as far back as when the institution still had the name Electrogaz.

Mr. Theoneste Karenzi is the PAC deputy chairperson. According to him the new companies should not be held accountable for past mistakes. He adds that there was need for a fast and permanent solution to determine what qualifies as an old problem and a new one.

He also says that the Auditor-General’s responsibility is not just to tell people where the problems are. Additionally he should advise such institutions. His recommendation is that the board and management should make decisions and discuss it with the Auditor-General and Finance and Infrastructure ministries. This will ensure that the next report is clear.

According to Theogene Munyangeyo who is an MP, the Ministries of Finance and that of Infrastructure should be responsible. He says that they should have prepared for the smooth separation of the institutions.

Until they come up with a permanent solution, the committee will continue with queries about assets and financial statements. He also said that they will keep asking questions until the responsible parties take care of the mistake.

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