MainOne aims to become largest internet hub in West Africa

By Staff Writer | IT News Africa June 19, 2017

MainOne, a Data Center company, has announced the release of a new interconnect service for carriers, enterprises and ISPs called Open-Connect. Open-Connect is a service that facilitates improved interconnection, collaboration and peering within the MDXi Lekki data center and the Internet Exchange. The announcement comes after the finalisation of a deal between MainOne and MDXi, with the Nigerian Internet Exchange, (IXPN) to improve national transit traffic in Nigeria.

The new product aims to enable the creation of an environment that allows colocated customers to connect to multiple networks, cloud and content providers while significantly reducing the cost of backhaul links to various providers and it offers competitive pricing in an open access, carrier neutral environment.

Open-Connect looks to provide a cross connect services in Nigeria, enabling customers to bypass the public internet and connect directly to partners, cloud and SaaS providers with secure, reliable and flexible direct connections. With connections to internet exchanges in Lagos, Amsterdam, London and Ghana and 50+ Points of Presence locations across West Africa, MainOne enables carriers, ISPs, content providers and enterprises of all sizes to quickly and easily increase their network footprint without investing heavily in additional infrastructure.

“Traffic growth is a useful indicator of the health of the entire Internet ecosystem, and helps to measure the development of the digital economy. This new interconnection service for customers within our Data Center will significantly improve traffic growth and localization in Nigeria, with reduced latency, improved speed and better quality of services to end users. This solution will enable more operators and carriers take advantage of the connections of the IXPN within MainOne’s connected Data Center and enhance Internet traffic originating and terminating on any network in Nigeria to remain in-country” says Funke Opeke, Chief Executive Officer of MainOne.

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