Meridian Port Services launches web portal to facilitate paperless transactions (Ghana)

By Staff | Joy Online (Ghana) September 13, 2017

Meridian Port Services Limited (MPS), the operator of the marine Container Terminal in the Port of Tema, has shown its commitment to ensuring the success of the paperless transactions at the port with the introduction of a new web portal, MPS Pay Gate.

The web portal provides global access via the internet or mobile platforms for all Agents to retrieve and review their estimated charges, confirm and pay their invoices and finally book the truck(s) appointment to pick the container(s).

The Terminal Operator kick-started with the registration of Clearing and Freight Forwarding Companies for processing transaction on behalf of importers and exporters.

The registration which began in August can be completed at the current MPS office at the Harbour Roundabout during working hours. Agents who may require further training can also be attended to at this time.

MPS Pay Gate will represent a clear commitment of MPS and a strategic driver to support the overall paperless and improved efficiency initiatives ongoing in Tema Port.

To ensure security on all transactions, MPS partnered with their lead banker, Stanbic Ghana, to develop the E-payment portion of the portal and with GC Net to ensure all data exchanges are both secure and reliable.   Given the enhanced security of the portal and the drive to ensure full compliance to both the Data Protection Act and the Payment Systems Act, MPS believe partnering Stanbic provides both surety to the users and confidence in the overall E-commerce systems.

“MPS began the process in 2016 with the introduction of the most advanced Terminal Operating System (TOS) available globally as Navis N4 and laid the framework for the 2017 roll out of full paperless and E-commerce systems.  We are extremely pleased to be able to provide enhanced systems and opportunities for efficiencies to the Clearing Agents and Freight Forwarding companies we have been working with for over 10 years.We look forward to playing our role in improving the overall efficiency in the Port of Tema” stated the MPS CFO, Jonathan Graham.

This process is entirely paperless where all records are electronically transmitted to ensure Agents and their customers, Shippers and Consignees, have their needed supporting documentation. Below is a breakdown of the requirements for easy registration.

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