Relief as 500 lorries stranded at DRC-Zambia border start moving

By Mohamed Momoh | Africa Review January 9, 2017

About five hundred SADC lorries that were marooned at Zambia’s Kasumbalesa border post due to complaints of insecurity in the Democractic Republic of Congo by the drivers have started crossing into that country.

The complaints were due to harassment of the drivers.

Zambia’s state radio reported that authorities in Kasumbalesa had since arrested ten people for allegedly attacking SADC lorry drivers ferrying goods and services into the Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC.

The drivers had for six days refused to enter Congo after eight trucks were attacked and drivers harassed in the Congo.

Zambia’s Copperbelt Province Minister Bowman Lusambo and his DRC Katanga counterpart Jean Claude Kazembe addressed the protesting drivers at Kasumbalesa border on Saturday, state reported.

Mr Lusambo assured the drivers that the Congolese Government will provide security and a safe passage into the Congo for drivers.

Mr Kazembe urged the drivers not to engage in any extra activities while in the Congo.

Immediately after the meeting the drivers who have been marooned at the boarder started crossing into the Congo.

The problem of insecurity at the Kasumbalesa border, one of the busiest, which Zambia shares with DRC often resurfaces annually in similar style.

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