Civic society asks for land reform report’s vulgarization (Senegal)

By Staff | Agence EcoFin October 4, 2017

In a bid to facilitate the implementation of the current land reform in Senegal, the head of programmes of the council of non-governmental organizations for development’s support (CONGAD), Mbaye Niang (picture), recommends a participative and inclusive approach. In this regard, he urged the government to vulgarize the report submitted by the national commission for land reform.

“The State has completed the land reform because the commission has produced a document on land policy, adopting a participative approach. The document was relayed to the President of the Republic. The national commission for land reform was just dissolved by the President, but unfortunately the land policy document was shared. I am returning from a meeting in the region of Matam and actors asked for the appropriation of this document. They have taken part to its elaboration but did not appropriate it. Even if it remains in the hands of the President, it would still be good if it could be socialized,” said the authority, Le Quotidien cites.

A participative approach is highly appropriate more so since land represents a significant economic challenge for the Western African nation. “Land is an important capital in rural areas, for farmers mostly. It’s an economic good. Land is extremely important, both for the society and the economy,” Niang added.

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