South Sudan plans to increase oil production

By Bernard Busulwa | Africa Review January 7, 2017

South Sudan plans to increase its oil production in the coming days, authorities have revealed.

The move follows better global oil prices promised by The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec).

Opec is the body that co-ordinates petroleum policies among member countries, in order to secure fair and stable prices for petroleum producers.

Mayom Alier, South Sudan’s deputy head of mission in United Arab Emirates confirmed the decision by Juba on Wednesday while addressing the media.

South Sudan heavily relies on oil revenue to fund its national projects since the country became independent in 2011.

“We are planning to increase oil production as oil prices go up to increase our revenue and expand the ways of oil industry.

“Rise in oil prices is good news for us South Sudanese,” Mr Alier said.

South Sudan oil production capacity has fallen below 130,000 barrels per day from more than 350,000 barrels per day before the 2013 political turmoil.

The country last year deployed more boots to guard the operational oil areas in Upper Nile region amid sporadic clashes between rebels and government forces that affected oil production.

Recently, the oil Minister in Juba, Ezekiel Gatkuoth announced that South Sudan currently has 3.5 billion barrels of oil reserves.

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