Sudan welcomes US travel ban reprieve

By Mohamed Amin | Africa Review September 26, 2017

The Sudanese government has welcome the US lifting of travel ban on its nationals.

A Foreign ministry statement extended to the Africa Review on Monday welcomed the decision, and stressed Khartoum’s keenness to normalise the relations with Washington.

“We in the Foreign ministry welcome the US president’s decision to remove Sudan from the list of countries affected by the travel ban,” the statement said.

It further described the decision as a positive step towards the full normalisation of relations between the two countries.

“This comes as a result of an honest long discussion between the two countries.”

US President Donald Trump on Sunday removed Sudan from a renewed travel ban list affecting six Muslim-majority countries.

The new list had three more countries; namely North Korea, Venezuela and Chad.

The Trump administration had issued a travel ban against the citizens of six Muslim countries of Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, and Sudan.

The decision to lift sanctions on Sudan was moved from last July to October, to allow more time for the implementation of the five-track deal between Washington and Khartoum.

The US conditions include the Sudanese government cooperation in the war against the terrorism, the ceasefire in the country’s war zones and the allowing of the humanitarian access, ending any support to the South Sudan’s rebels and the cooperation in the combating of the Ugandan Lord Resistance Army (LRA).

Sudan remains on the US blacklist of countries sponsoring international terrorism.

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