Yara Tanzania launch campaign to increase fertiliser use

By Staff Writer | The Exchange January 6, 2017

Yara Tanzania has launched a campaign ‘YaraMila cereal raffle draw’ that will see farmers increase use of fertilizers so as to boost agriculture production and maintain soil fertility.

The campaign, which was launched recently in Mbeya Region, is set to take place in 11 villages such as Igawa, Ubaruku, Mbarali estate, Kapunga, Rujewa, Madibira, Mapogoro, Chimala, Nyelegete, Mkunywa and Mahango of Mbeya and Iringa regions”.

Launching the campaign, Mbarali Estate Deputy Director, Ms Tyatawelu Mongo said Yara has been playing a big role in educating farmers on the proper farming methodologies especially on the application of fertilizers. “I must admit, this is a unique way of sharing knowledge with farmers.

We have been witnessing such kind of programmes in other areas and not in the agriculture sector, we are very grateful with this creativity and effort to help farmers in improving productivity,” she said. Yara marketing specialist, Ms Linda Byaba said farmers in the identified areas were invited for the draw in every Saturday in the coming three months.

She said to qualify for the draw; a farmer has to purchase a bag of 50kg of YaraMila Cereal and stand chance to win a bag of 25kg YaraLivaNitrabor. “When you purchase 50kg of YM Cereal, make sure you receive your raffle ticket from an agro-dealer, fill in all the necessary details, and drop your coupon in a raffle box at the shop” she said.

She said the company aims at getting at least 11 winners every Saturday for the period of three months and 11 winners for the grand price. Moreover, Yara Commercial Manager, Willian Ngeno said the campaign also aims at educating farmers on the utilization of proper fertilizer for their crops hence boosting living standards.

“By using Yara Rice Nutrition Program with other recommended agro inputs, possibilities of achieving high production, better yield and increase profit are high” he said.

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