Yatta canal water project in Kenya to boost farming activities

By Antony Kiganda | Construction Review Online January 10, 2017

The Yatta canal water project will provide 3200 cubic Meters water per day an increase from the current 1600 cubic meters upon the completion of its rehabilitation says professor Fred Segor, principal secretary (PS) for water services,

According to the PS even Farmers who are now reaping in annual profits totaling Kshs 600 million will witness a rise to two (2) billion shillings upon completion of this project.

Segor says the project has increased water quantity and quality for domestic use while Livestock’s are also benefiting with 16 cattle traps created for them while there are 66 points for water use by the area people.

He Fred Segor directed the Contractors of the 2.2 Billion Yatta Dam, Canal Water Supply and Sanitation project in Machakos County to ensure that the ongoing rehabilitation works are completed on time and in line with a Presidential directive on the same.

He was speaking when he toured the 59 Kilometres of the Yatta Canal last month where he commended the Contractors for completing 85% of the works but directed them to complete the outstanding 15 percent of the works in time, warning them of dire consequences if they did not comply.

The PS Segor called on other Government Contracted firms to observe timelines in implementing government projects so that prudent utilization of funds was undertaken and Kenyans enjoyed the fruits of such project in a timely and effective manner.
“The Yatta Canal project commenced in August 2014.

Currently the project is providing 1600 cubic meters of water per day to the residents which is expected to increase to 3200 cubic Meters upon completion of this project, 1070 Farmers are using the waters for irrigation which is expected to increase to 5000 farmers, 4000 Hectares of land is currently under irrigation and is expected to increase to 45,000 when the project is completed,” the PS said

The PS said that Government is very proud of the Yatta Dam, Canal Water Supply and Sanitation project, reaffirming Government’s commitment towards improving and rehabilitating it for increased water supply for both domestic and irrigation use for enhanced food security in area and Kenya at large.

He called on farmers to be patient in regards to the closing and opening of the Canal waters as both their needs and those of the contractors must be met.

Segor. “Water is not free in Kenya, people must pay for it but as a government, we have ensured that the payment is reasonable. Household consumption of water tariffs is there through Wasreb, for the usage of farmers, there is an understanding between farmers and Tanathi Water Service Board, the projects agency so that they will agree on the amount to be charged in future in regards to Water usage for irrigation purpose so that to that they are served better.”

The Consulting Engineers for the project are Norconsult in Association with Norken (I) Ltd, the Contractors; Lot I – BMK Pvt Ltd in JV Unipumps Nigeria Ltd and STECOL Corporation and for Lot II is Toddy Civil Engineering Ltd.

Present during the Visit was the Ministry’s Ag. Secretary for Water, Eng Lawrence Simitu, Chief Executive Officer of Tanathi Water Service Board Eng , Muthui, Ms Monica Omoro, Principal Public Communication Officer in the Ministry, State department for Water Services, Mr. Charles Tanui, Personal Assistant to Prof Segor, all the Yatta Canal project Contractors and Engineers among others.

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